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      An excellent choice. Amazing quality.

     This is a very extensive Reciprocating Saw model with a lot of accurately modeled parts.

The whole model has a fairly large number of polygon about 205,000 and vertices about 150,000

      The housing model has a great detail, beautiful shapes a large number of embossings and embossments, ventilation holes, and bolts.

The model has modeled; electric switches, cable, electric plug.

     The ergonomic handle model has a double color separated by embossing.

And an additional detail, modeled digits on the speed control switch.

     The chuck adapter blade attachment has beautiful perforation.

     This is a high quality tool for visualization and animation, etc.

     Do You value Your time and money? Then take advantage of this offer. This ready to use model will make Your work easier.

Do You want more information for this model. We help You. Contact us.

         Thanks for Your interest in this model and good luck in Your professional projects.

Product Specifications 

  Vertices: 150 000
  Polygons: 205 000
  Textures: No
  Materials: No
  UV Mapping: No

Reciprocating Saw 3D Model 1



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3D Model Details


Media Type:3D Model
Vertices:150 000
Polygons:205 000
UV Mapping:No
Low Poly:No


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