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  How Electric Hammer Works? What's inside the Electric SDS Rotary Hammer Drill.

It's a good choice. I highly recommend this Model 3d.

     It is very good professional Electric  Rotary Hammer Drill Diagram 3D Model. Model showing the construction and operation of the Hammer Electric SDS tool. Very realistic model.

This Demolition Hammer model has a large amount of detail.
Modeled descriptions of individual parts. Model ideal for professional graphic animation, visualization, presentation, magazines, infographic, etc.

The individual elements:

  • bearing
  • spindle
  • sleeve
  • chuck
  • switch
  • power cable
  • cable clam
  • cooling fan
  • electric motor
  • commutator
  • gasket
  • piston
  • carbon brush
  • crank mechanism
  • pusher
  • ergonomic handle
  • cover chain
  • clutch assy
  • bellows
  • spring brush
  • gears
  • and other parts

The diagram is included. The diagram has modeled words.

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         Thanks for Your interest in this Rotary Hammer Power Drill Scheme 3D Model and good luck in Your professional projects.

Hammer Electric SDS Rotary Drill Inside 3D Model 3



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Media Type:3D Model
Vertices:583 000
Polygons:840 000
UV Mapping:No
Low Poly:No


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