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SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

It's a good choice. I highly recommend this Electric Hammer Drill 3D Model

High quality of workmanship. Attention to the smallest details. This is a very realistically modeled tool SDS Rotary Hammer Drill 3D Model.

An excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the high quality of virtual models.

The whole model has a fairly large number of polygon about 211,000 and vertices about 132,000.

Characteristics of the Casing SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill 3D Model

The tool 3D SDS Plu Rotary Hammer model has high quality casing. A large amount of detail on the housing, beautiful ribs, perforations, great profiled ribs for screws and very well modeled ventilation holes.

Beautifully modeled bellows for a demolition hammer.

Modeled Ergonomic Handle from this SDS Hammer 3D Model

A high detail appears on the main handle.

Double color handle separated by embossing. On the handle there are embossing for screws and beautifully profiled holes for the switch. On the main handle there are two Bellows. This is an amazing detail on this 3D SDS Hammer model!!

The device has two auxiliary handles.

Beautifully contoured shape, beautiful curves on the auxiliary handle. Part of the auxiliary handle contains modeled perforations.


Model ideal for professional graphic;
animation, design visualization, presentation - newspapers, magazine, advertising, high resolution film, technical demonstrations, etc. Want more information on where to use Rotary Hammer Dril 3D models read the licenses.

Do You want more information for this model. We help You. Contact us.

Thanks for Your interest in this Rotary Hammer Drill 3D Model and good luck in Your professional projects.

Hammer Electric SDS Rotary Hammer Drill 3D Model 3



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3D Model Details


Media Type:3D Model
Vertices:132 000
Polygons:211 000
UV Mapping:No
Low Poly:No


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