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rail parts

     We have this 3D Model. There are different parts for different trains in this catalog. This catalog includes parts for - boxcar parts, flat car parts, autocar parts, gondola car parts, hopper car parts, tank car parts, coal car parts, coil car parts and for cargo train parts. 3D models of bogie for trains are ideal for tank car and hooper, boxcar or flatcar and other trains. In this catalog You will find Train Parts 3D Models - bogie for trains, railway sleepers and others train parts. Railway sleepers 3d model have a modeled large detail - stones, plants - weeds and screws and washers - another amazing detail. See how these train parts look like on different types of Railway Carriage 3D Models.

Amazing Details Train Bogie 3D Models - see what details

Train Bogie 3D Models have a large detail - modeled springs, as well as amazing WELDINGS, bolts and nuts, washers and pins and other amazing detail. The Wagon Bogies 3D Models has a modeled three-wheeled set, a two-wheeled set and one wheeled set with modeled other parts. Read on and find out more about what parts these models have. These Train Bogies have modeled wheels, brakes, axle housing and spring housing. The frame of the Wagon Bogie has a great shape with a lot of modeled detail. The frame model has modeled numerous embossments and reinforcements. For more demanding graphic designers, an additional detail has been added to some models of Wagon Car Bogie, modeled words on the frame and parts of the Bogie.

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