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Industrial gears

     This catalog includes infographics for industrial machinery and parts. High quality 3d models of diagrams with a large amount of modeled parts. Good cut casing showing the interior of these industrial 3d machine models. You will find in this catalog construction machines of industrial mixers, industrial furnaces - ovens for baking bread and cement ovens, construction furnaces for heating with biomass,
construction boiler furnace and other furnaces and valves, water pumps and pumps for pumping stations - sewage, as well modeled gas pipes and acoustic ventilation construction and here you will find industrial construction electric motors and other great 3D models. The 3d models of the machine diagrams in this category have great detail inside and out of the case. 3D models of machines have reinforcements, ribs, perforations, holes and WELDING on the housing, as well as a small detail of screws, washers, rivets and many other parts on the housing. Inside the 3d model have modeled motors, bearing cables, gears, seals and many other great parts. The 3d models of diagrams in this category have modeled descriptions of the parts. These 3d models were created to help You in Your private or business project. 3D Models ideal for visualization, presentation - newspapers or technical & technology magazines, advertising, high resolution film, technical demonstrations etc .; This infographic industrial machinery 3d models ideal for study at universities.