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virtual products 3d models Search all virtual products You want to order

Selection of products in the 3D Models Online Store is very simple.

Digital files are divided into categories in the MENU

Architecture | Characters | Appliance | Space | Vehicles | Furniture | Plants | Industrial | Low Poly | InfoGraphics | Collection | 3DPrint

menu online 3d store models

that should be followed when searching 3d model. When You click in the subcategories can only be displayed for easier search for a file.
You can also enter an interesting product in the search. To do this, type the name in the SEARCH box SEARCH 3d models you like
at the top of the page and press icon "Search". The list of products from which You can choose an interesting product.

Add to cart 3d products Add to cart all the products You wish to order

1. If you have chosen an interesting 3d model then;

Set the appropriate number of licenses

Quantity License 3D Models


2. Available File Formats:

Available File Formats 3ds obj fbx 3dsmax

3. Click the "ADD TO CART" ADD TO CART 3d models or "ADD TO CART" ADD TO CART 3D Models to order the file.

4. This is what the Empty Cart looks like

Empty Cart 3D Products

The shopping CART includes all the products You've selected.

CART includes all the 3D products

After hovering the mouse over the basket. This is what the Full Cart looks like. You can add More Products

Full Cart looks like 3D products

5. When You add all selected products to Your shopping CART click on the click on the button "Checkout" Check out to proceed to the summary of Your shopping cart.

6. Next Page > Your shopping cart

Shopping - Cart Summary.

order stages
There will be contained information:
- amount of product
- short product description
- quantity ordered of license
- unit price
- price

If You want to continue click "Continue shopping" If You want to order a product click the button "Proceed to checkout"

Continue shopping 3d modelsProceed to checkout 3d models

Create an account Create an account or log in to Your account

1. If You do not have an account Creating an account is free
How do I set up an account in the online store, please enter Your e-mail address and click button "Create an account"

Create an account in the store with 3d models Already registered? in the store with 3d models

Next Page > Create an account

Your personal information;
-First name
-Last name

Reject or Accept Customer data privacy.

I accept the regulations Terms of Service and License of the online store.

If You accept, click on the button "Register"Register

2. If You already have an account.
To log in to Your account to shop online, please enter Your login details and password You specified during registration and button "Sign in" Sign in

Fill in the order form data Fill in the order form data

Next Page > Your Addresses

To place an order You must fill in the data for VAT invoice.

For Individual Clients:

- First and Last name.

- Your addres.

- email provided during signup.

For Business:

- First and Last name.

- address company and the number VAT.

- email provided during signup.

Please Add Your other personal details and click the button "Save"

Next Page > Addresses

order stages Addresses

Choose a delivery address:

If You want - You can update Your data. Click the button "Update" Update

IYou can add a comment to Your order on this page.

Next Page > Shipping

order stages Shipping

Choose a shipping option for this address: My email address

Reject or Accept.

To complete an order, approve the Terms of Service and License.


If You want to continue click "Continue shopping" If You want to order a product click the button "Proceed to checkout"

Continue shopping 3d modelsProceed to checkou 3d models

Payment Payment

Next Page > Payment

order stages Payment

Please choose Your payment method

This page has a summary of the order and payment methods.

Click the button order summary and payment methods if You want to proceed with the order

or click the button Continue shopping 3D Products if You want to continue shopping.

Next Page > Order Summary

Here is a short summary of Your order:

Order Summary

Click "I confirm my order" I confirm my order if You confirm the order.

In Your e-mail address You provided when creating an account will be sent information on how to pay for the files.

Sending files purchased 3d models Sending files purchased

Sending ordered files on Your e-mail address You provided when creating an account. Shipping is free.

Order history Order History

1. Click Your "Login Name" (is located on the right above the basket - in the top corner)

Login Name


click the link located at the bottom of the footer page (this is your quick menu) "My account".

this is your quick menu

2. Next - If you are already in your account, click "Order history and details".

this is your quick menu

3. You can check the status of your order. Click number "Order reference" or Click Green Button "Details"

Order history


"Follow your order's status step-by-step"

You will see here the status of your order.

- status of your order.

- your address.

- product name and cart summary.

- messages about the progress of your order.

- and you can send questions about your order.

More about your order "Messages"


Messages regarding your order will be displayed here.

- Payment details.

- Price.

- Payment Title.

- File download links.

- And other messages about your order and your questions. You can also use the store e-mail to ask a question about your order.

These messages will also be sent to your e-mail address provided when creating your account.

Add a Message

In this section you can send questions about your order or just send an email.

Select the ordered product, write your messages and click the Send button.

Add a Message

contact email You have questions ?

You don't know how to place an order. Contact us and we will help You.

Or place an order by email

You don't know how to send a message

Go to page Customer service - Contact us

- select Subject Heading

Message box select Subject Heading

- write your email to which our reply will be sent

- and in the "Message" box, write your question and click the button "Send" Send

Or simply contact us by email;