Complaints & Returns

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File Returns

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want You to be fully satisfied with every model purchased 3d online store

If you're not satisfied, You may Cancel Your purchase - If the file has not been downloaded, You can withdraw from the purchase without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of dispatch URL link to download the file.

Then the store will return the full amount of the purchase for the file.

Cancel Orders

After the order by the Customer, Shop waiting for transfer (see how much days You have to make the payment ) after this time Your order will be canceled-removed (Sale and purchase agreement is NOT concluded). Or faster. Send a message about canceling the order.

  • 1. Log in to Your account My account > Order history and details
  • 2. Find the "ORDER HISTORY" sections
  • 3. Select Product, click the Order Number (example;XXXXXXXXX) or button "Details" of Your order "Order of Reference"
  • 5. Choose the product You want to cancel (checkbox)
  • 4. Find the (Search below ) "ADD A MESSAGE" sections
  • 6. Write "Cancel Order" or any other text specifying the cancellation of the order
  • 7. When finished, click the "Send" button below
  • 8. After the order is verified by the Store, it will change the Status of Your order.

File Complaint

If You receive a damaged file. The seller will send the repaired file. If the repair is not possible, it will refund the full purchase price.

If You receive a damaged file, please contact the store or

1. Log in to Your account My account

2. Next. If you are already in your account, click Order history and details

this is your quick menu

3. Select Product, click the Order Number (example;XXXXXXXXX) or button "Details" of Your order "Order of Reference"

this is your menu

4. If You want to return one or more products, please check the appropriate boxes (checkbox - blue No. 1)

this is your menu

5. Find the (Search below ). MERCHANDISE RETURN - blue No. 2.

If You want, please provide an explanation of the return. Describe the damage to the file or what defects it has. Click the button below when finished. Make an RMA slip - blue No. 3.
this is your menu

More information returns.

1. Click My account > My merchandise returns.

this is your menu

2. Click "Return" number #000001 to view the status of Your refund.

this is your menu

and see more about the status of your return.

this is your menu

Or Simpler

Contact us for a return or complaint. Send an email or use the Contact tab.