Modification 3D Models

Even more modeled details, more extra parts, and maybe rework parts or remove parts.
It's all possible.

ArtGraphic3D Studio will modify the 3D models for you.

     We will improve, add more details to selected 3d models. Provide a link to the product or product ID number. Additional costs for custom 3D modeling may apply. Contact us to determine the details of the modification of 3d models.

Can I modify purchased 3D models myself?

     YES. If you want it, you can modify the 3D models. What modifications can you make to 3D models? You can edit 3d models and adapt them to your project. Add more details or remove unnecessary details or parts. Have fun. We recommend reading the License Terms before modifying.

If you want to know more check out our Help Center or read your License Agreement Terms. You can also contact us about this.

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