What is High Poly and Low Poly Models?

In this article you will learn what is a high poly and low poly 3d model, where such models are used and what the high and low polygon models look like.

What does a polygon model look like

What is High Poly Models?

     What is High Poly Models? - High Polygon models are high quality 3d models whose mesh contains a large number of polygons (or another name for tris). The name "High Poly" comes from the large (High) number of polygons (Poly).

3D high poly models are very complex 3d objects that are characterized by a large number of modeled small details and large details. These types of high poly models should reflect the physical object as much as possible. High poly models consist of a very large number of polygons. High-quality, realistically made high poly models can have even millions of polygons. Models of this type require very high computing power of computers (workstations) to create them and to create realistic redners. Creating high poly models is a time-consuming process, depending on the experience and skills of a 3D modeler, creating this type of objects can take up to several hundred hours. Nowadays, a new technology is used to create fast high poly models - 3D scanning. 3d scanned models contain photo realistic appearance, the creation of such a model requires very little time. The scanned 3d models contain a large am ount of mesh errors. 3D scanned models are very problematic to process.

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What does a high poly model look like

See what the mesh of a high quality 3d high poly model looks like

what does a high poly model mesh look like

Where are High Poly Models used?

     Very accurately reflected high poly models are used in the film industry to create special effects, to produce realistic animations, to create various types of realistic visualizations, architectural visualizations, visualizations of rooms, visualizations of objects, for the production of advertisements and many other industries where 3D graphics are used.

What is Low Poly Models?

     What is Low Poly Models? - these are 3d models that contain a simple, uncomplicated 3D solid, the ship of which contains the right amount of details - polygons. The name "Low Poly" comes from the small (Low) amount of polygons (Poly).

Low polygon models should be characterized by an optimized mesh depending on the application. Video game models should feature an optimized mesh, where additional details are placed on the texture. Simple low poly models for animation or visualization may already contain a little more detail on the 3d model.

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What does a low poly model look like

Where are Low Poly Models used?

     3D low poly models are mainly used to create computer games and real-time applications. And for use in new technologies such as interactive applications, augmented reality - AR, and virtual reality - VR, for presenting virtual products such as interactive products 360° views, 3D configurators, and other real-time applications. Low poly models that contain even less details on a 3d solid are used to create games and mobile applications. A small number of polygons makes real-time applications process the image in real time. This type of low poly models are also used where too detailed details are not required, such as architectural visualizations as a distant background, and simple or quick animations.

What is the difference between High and Low Poly Models?

     It is very easy. The differences between high poly and low poly models is the amount of details on a 3d solid. High poly models will contain a large number of details on a 3d solid, and thus a large number of polygons. Low poly models will contain a small amount of details on a 3d solid, and thus a small number of polygons.


     High and low poly models are created depending on the type of project. High poly models require a photorealistic appearance, which is ideal for creating realistic renders in a variety of projects. Low poly models require a simple 3D shape, which is necessary for various types of realtime applications. You can find all this type of 3D models at artgraphic3d.com. Have fun.

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