How to open a 3D file?

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3D File Formats

In this article you will find out which 3D graphics (3D modeling) software can open the selected 3D file format.

     There are many paid and free 3D graphics software available on the market. Using 3D modeling software, you can create simple and complex 3D models, animated 3D models, special effects for movies. Real-world graphics software is also used to create various types of product visualizations and architectural visualizations. Such 3D files also contain data that can be used to create engineering projects, as well as computer simulations and other analyzes and simulations.

To open a 3D file, click "File" then "Import" in your 3D software, or select the appropriate pluging, script to import your 3D file and click "Import". Read on and find out what is the right software for your 3D file format. If you don't have 3D graphics software, check out what is the best 3D modeling software.

3D File Formats

Check what software is needed to open your file format. It is very easy.

3D File FormatsNative- Basic 3D File FormatsSoftware 3D
fbx, obj, stl, dae, abc, svg, ply, glb / gltf, x3d, bvh - only import, dxf, usd, 3ds - available in blender 2.79 and before.blendBlender
png, jpg, pbg, stLskpSketchup Make
3ds, obj - export, dae, dwg, dxf, fbx, dem, ifc, ddf, kmz, stl, ifcz, wrl, ip, xsi, eps, imageskpSketchup Pro
step, stl, iges, svg, dxf, obj, ifc, dae, scad, iv and many othersfcstdFreeCAD
import: fbx, 3ds, obj, abc, ai, dae, catpart, catproduct, dem / ddf (.dem, .xml, .ddf), dwg, flt, htr, ige, igs, iges, ipt, iam, jt, model, mdl, session, exp, dlv, dlv3, dlv4, prt, neu, g, asm, rvt, sat, shp, skp, sldprt, sldasm, stl, stp, step, trc, usd, usda, usdc, wire, wrl, wrz, xml.
export: fbx, 3ds, abc, ai, ass, dae, dwf, dwg, dxf, flt, htr, igs, obj, pxproj, prt, neu, asm, sat, stl, svf, usd, usda, usdc, wrl.
max3DS MAX
mel, fbx, obj, dae, abc, iges, jt, sat, stp, step, stl, proe, wire, dwg, dxf, iam, itp, cat, nx, anim, apfma, mbMAYA
import; 3ds, alembic, bvh, dae, dem, fbx, dxf, stl, usd, wrl, obj, catia, dwg, iges - not all, jt, skp, solidworks, step
export; 3ds, alembic, dae, dfx, .x, fbx, glTF, stl, usd, wrl, obj
c4dCinema 4D
obj, fbxgeo, bgeoHoudini 3D
obj, dxf, 3ds, dae, fbx, stl, plylwoLightWave
import: lwo, fbx, stl, obj, abc, dae, dxf, eps, ai, pdb, svg, 3dm, usd, usda, usdc, usdz, geo, sldprt, stdasm, axf. export: lwo, fbx, obj, stl, x3d, abc, dae, dxf, usd, usda, usdc, usdz, 3dm, geo, plt, svg, psd, glb, gltf, binxsiModo
export: fbx, iges, obj, ply. import; iges, obj, fbx, ply,xsiSoftimage
Import: obj, ma, stl, fbx export: obj, ma, stl, fbx, x3d, wrlzpr ztl,Zbrush
import: 3mf, 3ds, fbx, obj, stl, skp, amf, ai, dwg, dxf, x, e57, dst, exp, dst, exp, off, gf, gft, gts, igs, iges, lwo, dgn, scn, stp, step,
export: 3mf, 3ds, fbx, obj, stl, skp, amf, sat, ai, dwg, dxf, dae, cd, x, emf, wemf, gf, gft, pm, kmz, gts, igs, iges, lwo, udo, csv, stp, step, csv, x_t. And many others.
3dmRhinoceros 3D
cad, dxf, dgn, stp, 3ds - plugin, fbxdwgAutoCAD
iges, dxf, dwg, step, acis, stl, cad, pdf, vda, parasolid, obj, 3ds, fbx - plugin, off, ply, ply2, 3mf, wrlsldprtSolidWorks
stp, igs, iges, stl, step, parasolid, microstation, acis, nx, plmxml, dxf and dwg - draf 2Dpar, psm, asmSolid Edge

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