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    Are you looking for OBJ Models? You will find professional 3D models in the OBJ models file format. Ready 3d models in obj and mtl format can be imported into many professional editing and graphics programs. Many graphics programs have the ability to import an obj file, check your program to see if it has the ability to import this format. All our 3d models that are on the ArtGraphic3D.com website are exported to an obj file and compressed into a zip file.

3D Models OBJ Download

You will find thousands of file format OBJ for Download. In the OBJ format, we have prepared hundreds of categories such as 3d models of architecture, houses, buildings, various types of vehicles, trains, and various 3d models of plants. We have also prepared professional 3d models of home appliances such as small and large kitchen appliances in this format. We have prepared hundreds of models in the furniture obj format for You. In the OBJ format, we have prepared various types of space 3d models, telescopes, binoculars and many other 3d space objects. We have hundreds of ready-made professional industrial 3d models such as various types of industrial machines and devices and tools in the vol file format. These are not all 3d models in the industrial category yet. You will find various types of 3d models tanks, horizontal and vertical tanks for water, gas and fuel and various types of sewage treatment plants, many types of valves, pipes and pumps for water, sewage and gas. In the obj format You will also find different types of electrical transformers and many versions of electric motors and many more. Check all categories with 3d models vol.

OBJ 3D Models Perfect For...

Are You looking for professional OBJ 3D models for graphic designs? Check on our ArtGraphic3D You will find thousands of professional 3d models of various categories. These models are characterized by wonderfully realistically modeled detail, they are ideal for graphic professionals. We have created simple low poly models and very complicated high poly 3d models containing hundreds of parts that have millions of polygons. The high number of elements ensures amazing visual effects in high-resolution visuals, animations and other graphic projects. For projects that require simple details, we have created 3d models with less details, these are low poly 3d models. Low Polygon models are ideal for real-time app projects, games and mods or simulators, as well as interactive applications, 3d advertisement, VR & AR and other real-time projects or applications.
Perfect quality ideal for your commercial and non-commercial projects such as various types of visual arts, animations, mod games or simulators and other CG projects. Check what are the professional obj models for buy. Please read the terms of our License before ordering.

See our 3d models now. We will help you choose the best suitable 3d model for your professional CG project. If you are looking for help, please contact us. We will help you and advise you to choose the perfect 3d model. We are at your disposal. Create Professional CG Projects Together With Us. Have fun.

Our library also includes thousands of ready-made 3d models in other formats for download. See them all.

ArtGraphic3D Studio

Our Company ArtGraphic3D Studio has been creating professional 3d models for many years. ArtGraphic3D creating professional 3d models for architects studios, game developers studios, ads agencies studios etc. Our ready-made 3d models have an amazing detail. If you have not found an interesting 3D model, you can order custom 3D models created for you.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is obj models?

     OBJ (.obj) is one of the file formats in which information about data related to the geometry of 3d models is stored. The obj file is used to store data related to materials, colors, uv mapping, among others.

What software will open the obj file?

     Before importing an obj file, make sure that your program has a script, plug-in, or properly configured software to import obj files.
OBJ files (.obj) can be imported in, among others;

  • 3D Studio Max Autodesk
  • Maya Autodesk
  • Cinema 4D
  • SketchUp
  • ZBrush
  • 3DViewer - Windows 10

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