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How Dishwasher Works? What's inside the Dishwasher.

It's a good choice. I highly recommend this Model 3d.

     It is a professional 3d model Dishwasher diagram for professional graphic designers.
Very well made with a high amount of detail. Very realistic modeling. Ideal model.

Modeled interior, modeled parts, modeled description -words.

Modeled parts:

  • inside casing - a lot of embossing
  • door latch
  • spray arm
  • thermal insulation
  • acoustic insulation
  • door gasket
  • slide
  • siphon - a lot of embossing
  • valve
  • float switch
  • salt reservoir
  • pump housing - ventilation holes, screws
  • air inlet
  • salt tank
  • frame - a lot of embossing, legs
  • capacitor
  • spiring hinge
  • heating
  • heating housing
  • drain hoses
  • filter
  • cutlery basket - small wheels
  • detergent dispenser
  • lcd display
  • control panel ( modeled; words, STICKERS)
  • and many other 3d parts.

Model ideal for graphic;
animation, design visualization, presentation - newspapers, magazine, advertising, high resolution film, technical demonstrations etc.;

The diagram is included. The diagram has modeled words.

Do You want more information for this model. We help You. Contact us.

       Thanks for Your interest in this model and good luck in Your projects.

Dishwasher Inside Diagram 3d 1



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Vertices:380 000
Polygons:587 600
Media Type:3D Model
UV Mapping:No
Low Poly:No


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