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Electric Plug

     This category includes various versions of Socket and Plug 3d models. High quality 3d models with lots of details. Electric plugs have modeled embossing, protective cable and grounding wire and other detail. Various shapes of plugs and plug designs. Plug grounded and ungrounded plugs and industrial plugs. Single phase and three phase plugs. Various versions of Electric Plug Uni-Schuko 240v and high voltage plugs. And classic 12V or 24V plugs - car plugs and more. Power plug for powering any household device or industrial electrical device. Plug and Socket 3d models ideal for visualizing, presentation - newspapers or technical & technology magazines, animation, advertising, high resolution film, CG projects, technical demonstrations etc.; 3D product available in various popular file formats in 3ds, fbx, obj, 3ds max, stl, c4d, maya .ma, lightwave lwo, 3d blender blend and others. If You have a question, please contact us. We will help You. Have not found the 3d models for Your project. Contact us. Professional graphic designers will create for You a high quality 3d model. Thank You for Your interest in the 3d models in this category and good luck with Your professional project.
What is an electric plug? An electrical plug is an electrical part that transfers electricity to electrical appliances. The electric plug is connected to an electric socket. A standard electrical plug consists of two cables (+ - and ungrounded wire) or three cables (+ - and neutral wire). Three phase industrial plug consists of 4 or 5 cables. Electric plugs are made of plastic, rubber and bakelite to metal.